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HuaRui Animal Husbandry was build since 2012.content >99%Top animal dietary additive acidifier manufacturer,growth promoter,immune enhancement,reduce drug dependence,Halal feed additiveCement additive.Potassium diformate: antibacterial, kill bacterial, growth promotion, immunity.Sodium diacetate: antibacterial, silage preservation and anti-mildew, milk fat rate, nutrient retention.Calcium formate: inhibits bacteria, regulates the gastrointestinal tract, promotes digestion and absorption.Monthly production capacity: 3000 tons of each, delivery time: 1~2 days, Fami-QS certification, ISO certification, GMP certification, SGS certification, EU Safety Approving.Direct or Indirect Service for:Cargill,Continental Grain Company,Charoen Pokphand Group,New Hope,etc.poultry & livestock feed group and aquaculture feed company.to culture the healther,as alternative to antibiotics, pig chicken cow cattle fish shramp eggs,etc.Tel/Whatsapp/Wechat:+86-13287755638,supply chain to procurement group.www.dietarykdf.com,https://feedadditivefactory.en.made-in-china.com

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